[C64] Ultimate Newcomer - 20 Jahre Retro

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[C64] Ultimate Newcomer - 20 Jahre Retro

#1 Beitrag von Hawkey » Di Nov 16, 2010 23:47

Hio Leute,

RPG Watch hatte gestern über ein interessantes Projekt berichtet. Für jeden C64 Fan und diejenigen die es noch werden wollen ein wirklich schön anzusehendes ambitioniertes Werk, welches nach 20 Jahren endlich fertig gestellt werden soll :)


Yesterday, 13:34
Now for something completely different. There is a new verision of Enhanced Newcomer going to be released in the near future. If no one has heard of Newcomer before I don't blame you, neither had I. TheGameSquid brought this game to my attention in the RPGWatch forums. It's a new game on a very old platform, the Commodore 64.
Before you crucify me for announcing an RPG on one of the oldest platforms out there just take a look at what Ultimate Newcomer has to offer:

* 180+ characters you can interact with, each with his/her own portrait graphic
* 10+ people who may join you, to make a team of up to 6 members
* …or try it on your own, in the extra challenging Solo game mode…
* 50+ different areas to explore, created with 30+ different graphic sets
* 100+ cutscenes/situational graphics in-game, that make you feel like you are there
* 180,000+ words of ingame text, mostly interactive conversations
* No random encounters
* Thousands of puzzles and situations to encounter and solve
* Complex, non-linear gameplay with multiple levels of endings
* Months or weeks of immersive gaming until you "complete" the game…
* …but there will still be a thousand situations, resolutions and encounters you have not seen yet, and 2 more game modes to complete!
* Animated intro and outro sequences
* Game controls changed for more comfort for emulator users on PC/Mac keyboards

This game is twenty years in the making with a boasted 70 - 280 gaming hours for the first playthrough.
There is more information on the game at Protovision's website and there are a few linked articles over at Newcomer's homepage. The homepage doesn't give a specific release date, but it says they're fixing the last known issues and preparing for Gold Master.
So there you have it. A huge roleplaying experience on a platform almost as old as I am. It's going to be released as Donationware. Basically you can get it for free and can make a donation if you would like. If not then just enjoy the game. There will also be boxed versions of the game available for purchase.
I realize this game will not interest many people, but it at least deserved to be mentioned once.
Thanks again to TheGameSquid.
More information.
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Hier dann auch gleich die offizielle Seite: *click*

Wenn bald die Pandori ausgeliefert werden, wohl ein idealer Wegbegleiter wenn man mal etwas "neues" ausprobieren möchte ;)
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Re: [C64] Ultimate Newcomer - 20 Jahre Retro

#2 Beitrag von double7 » Mi Nov 17, 2010 04:20

Das erinnert mich jetzt nach langer Zeit mal wieder an Grimoire. Cleve, bist Du es? ;)
Obwohl, dafür schaut es viel zu gut aus. Und Cleve hatte glaube ich auch keine Brotkastenversion geplant...


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