Be-Pachi Music PORT! BMS Format (open) Music Game

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Be-Pachi Music PORT! BMS Format (open) Music Game

#1 Beitrag von Glas » Mi Jan 05, 2011 18:16

Hello to all Members
I am happy to announce that in 2 weeks i will be a full owner of a brand new caanoo
I got motivated by Rhythmos, but it makes me sad the fact that it only have 12-14 songs

Since 97-98's that exist a common format for music games called Be-music script, made by Urao Yane
you can read more about this format here

Making a music game for Caanoo that could read this kind of format would be awesome!!
There are more than 10000 songs (many with their own keysounds, "not only 1 bgm file") around the net
and i have like 8000.


Sadly my programming skills are not enough for this task
But someone called X-Raise programmed a BMS Player called Be-Pachi Music

I've found the game source code here

I would like to know if any programmer here could make the port
I can provide hosting, domain to make a project page and even sharing songs for Caanoo owners delightment

Some links
Rhythmos video:
Be-Pachi Music Video: (too hard for playing on caanoo, ?Maybe if game is readapted to 5k?)
Be-pachi source code:

The source code compiles with Borland Delphi 7 + DelphiX.

If you are interested please, answer in this thread

Thanks everybody for the time

Kind Regards


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